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Welcome to Jenny&the machine

Cooking from scratch & reducing waste

So thrilled you are here!

Whether you are yet to decide if the Thermomix is for you, your TM6 has just arrived or you are already an owner of a TM31, TM5 or TM6.  Welcome!

There are resources here for all, and the plan is for them to grow, so keep an eye on this space.

Please reach out if you need help or if you have any requests.  

Please explore and find your way to instructions if your TM has just arrived, events to help your learn, or inspiration to get you moving again.


Jenny Jefferys

Thermomix Consultant/Team Leader



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Convince me!

Not an owner yet?  A Thermomix in your kitchen can help in so many ways.  It can sometimes simply be a matter of identifying what the problem is you are experiencing.  Let me show you what the Thermomix can do for you.

Today we have the option of face-to-face or virtual demonstrations.  

The 'Cutter' is on it's way

It will be here as a Host Reward in January.  Would you like to be one of my first customers to see it.  Message me and let's book in a January date.

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