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Your TM6 is on it's way

So your TM6 is on it's way

The arrival of your Thermomix is very exciting.  You will be excited when it arrives so if you are comfortable take it out of the box and switch it on....go for it!!

Get ready for your TM6 arrival
  • Video on unboxing your TM6

  • Sign up to 

  • Once you have signed up through the web you will find an app in the App Store for your phone.  The whole family can download the app and work on the same account.

  • Video on navigating through cookidoo

  • Save vegetable stock paste to 'cook today' (or the date of your delivery)

  • Read all about the benefits of making your own vegetable stock here

  • Visit our mixshop for extra items to complement your Tm6.  Don't forget to add me as your Consultant before you check out.

  • Once it arrives take it out of the box and turn it on.  Get started login in and running the updates if you are comfortable

  • Let's do a 'first cook' together and get you some more bonuses.  I will have a 10% discount voucher for you after delivery, however think about inviting a couple of friends and get yourself a 20% discount and another reward as a thank you.  I'll call you to make a date and work out details.

What to do on the big day of your 'Delivery Briefing'
  • Have the ingredients ready to make the vegetable stock paste.  If you don't have fresh herbs they can be replaced with dried.  You only need to peel the onion and garlic.  Cut veggies into 4cm pieces.  The benefit of cooking a stock together gives me a chance to run through all the safety features and do's and don'ts.

  • Read my article on the 'benefits of stock'.

  • Have your wifi login and password

  • Have your cookidoo login and password

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