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Pantry basics:

I love to cook from scratch and there are so many recipes on Cookidoo which will help you be able to make all your pantry (and fridge) staples. We often make with you at your delivery the vegetable stock concentrate. And so here the journey begins. If we didn't then this is where you should begin, even if that's the only basic staple you make.

I always recommend you take baby steps. Just try creating a few basics of your own. In no time at all you will discover that your basic supplies are all made by you from basic ingredients. Of course the benefits of this is that you get a fresher product and know exactly what is in it (no fillers). But also when you run out it usually just take a minute to blitz up another batch.

I also have stores of cinnamon sticks, whole nutmeg, cumin & coriander seeds for example, which I buy in large packets and just mill and store in smaller containers as I need. There are plenty of wholesale, bulk produce stores who sell larger packets than the supermarket. You will save yourself many $$$ by shopping and milling this way.

Here is my Pantry Basics collection on cookidoo. I hope it helps you get started.

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