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Clever cleaning mode

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

What a smart little machine this is. I love watching my robot vacuum cleaner clean, but even better is the surprise when your Thermomix can clean itself.

My lesson was be patient and have faith that it will do the job. Give your TM the time it needs and trust in the settings.

Cover your blades with water add a small drop of detergent and off she goes. You are responsible for only this....and selecting the right setting. My advice is to walk away and don't be tempted to finish it early. That was my mistake and it's taken me 2 years to trust my TM will do the job if I give it the time.

These are, in my mind the essential tools for cleaning; brush, scourer, vinegar and bicarb soda. Some of my favourite cleaning items from the mix shop here. I do love the long lasting dishcloths and you will too if you are into reducing throw away items.

Occasionally you will get residue on the base of the bowl which isn't removed with the pre clean.

This appears to happen from build up so a deeper clean is needed. Often using the scourer will do the job. If not the next step put through the dishwasher.....haha or maybe this might be your first step:)

Your BBL is under warranty to go through the dishwasher. I have been putting my BBL's through the dishwasher for 10 years now. Most of us want life to be easier and things to be quicker so don't under-utilise this fabulous feature.

If I know I haven't done this for a while I will go straight to a vinegar wash.

I find every 3-6 months I need to do a vinegar wash.

250g vinegar

750g water

Time: 7 min

Temp: 100

Speed: 1

The amount of vinegar can be altered depending on the amount of residue. If extra bad I add 1 tab of bicarb soda.

This will also keep your stainless steel bowl sparkly clean.

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