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Fabulous Rice (& Grains)

There are so many ways to cook rice in your Thermomix. The decision lies with you and what else you want to achieve in the time you have in the kitchen. Here are 3 alternatives, but it totally depends on what else you are cooking.


Rice using rice cooking mode

This option achieves really good results. Some find it too wet but it really depends on what you are serving it with, and if you are cooking anything else in your TM. I have the 'Rice & grains' collection saved, but you can also use the mode itself directly from the screen. I do this when I am increasing the amount of rice. Scroll down to the tips in the recipe to see quantities for larger amounts.


Rice in the Simmering basket

This method is fabulous when you are using your Varoma to cook other things like chicken and vegetables. This is when multi layer cooking comes into play. A fabulous recipe to practise this is Chicken & Cashews.

You will find more information on Multi level cooking on page 172 of your Basic cookbook.


Rice in the Thermoserver

Cooking rice in your thermoserver frees up your Thermomix to cook the main dish. You start the rice cooking in your TM then transfer to your Thermoserver for the remainder of the cooking. Don't have a Thermoserver? Ask me how you can get one!

This recipe serves 6-8


375g rice, rinsed

720g boiling water


Place rinsed rice and boiling water in TM bowl.

Cook 5 mins, Varoma on sp.1.

Pour into thermoserver, put lid on and let absorb for 25 minutes.

Important not to lift the lid off as heat will escape.

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