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My 'Go To' recipes - Meals in under 30 minutes

We all have slightly different reasons why we decide a Thermomix will help us

in the kitchen. One problem which is pretty common is the time people have to prepare meals, particularly during the week. I always recommend to my customers to choose a recipe then cook it a couple of times so if becomes familiar. The more you cook it the quicker it becomes one of your 'go to's' when you are time poor. Once you have a few under your belt you will be singing the praises of the new member of your may even name your TM6 :)

I wonder what will be your top 10 'Go to' recipes will be. Here are mine.

Thai red chicken curry - I also make this recipe with a green curry paste

Creamy tomato & salami fettuccine - this is a good basis of any pasta sauce, replace any of the veggies with what you need to use up in the fride

Create a Collection on cookidoo 'My Go to - under 30 mins' so you can find them easily and quickly.

Jenny xx

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