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So much more than a stock cube

Updated: Apr 27, 2023

We buy a humble stock cube from the supermarket. But making your own achieves so much more!

One of the very basics you can achieve with a Thermomix is making your own stock concentrate: replacing stock cubes in your cooking and removing additives and preservatives in your family's diets. Many brands of stock cubes have ingredients which many of us would rather not include in our diet. Making your own stock is a simple beginning to reducing these additives.

Maybe a place to start your Thermomix journey is with the ingredients you use to prepare family meals....simple steps. You can't tackle everything at once so simple steps in this journey is a good plan. Start with Vegetable stock paste....when ever a recipe mentions chicken, meat or fish stock simply use your vegetable stock paste.

Making your own stock paste can also help reduce waste, utilising ingredients which may otherwise be thrown away. I love having a container or zip lock bag in the freezer which, when I find ingredients in the fridge which won't last another day, I move them into the dedicated stock bag in the freezer. When I'm ready to make stock I can simply remove the ingredients from the freezer container and make my stock.

I love's like free stock.

So many people buy stock in UHT containers, it costs $2 for liquid stock and it takes space in their pantry. I get chicken stock almost for free and I have no containers to throw away. Veggie stock is even freer (is there a word??) as it can completely use veggies you would otherwise throw away (are you loving it yet??). Stock paste has a high content of salt which is a preservative so your Vegetable stock will last up to 4 months in your fridge. I keep chicken and meat stock in the freezer as it doesn't last as long. Just store in one container as the salt prevents it from getting too hard and you can just spoon it out.

Please try making your own veggie stock concentrate

Edited 8/10/22 I had a Thermomix for 2 years before I tried anything other than vegetable stock. Now I have Chicken & Meat Stock and store it in the freezer. It lasts longer in the freezer and due to the high salt content it is easily scooped out of the freezer container as it dosen't freeze hard. You achieve great flavour with the veggie stock but if you want to take it to the next cheffie level try these

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